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We have the largest selection of satellite dish covers on the market today including our very own line of MTSAT Heavy Duty Satellite Dish Antenna Covers that help prevent snow and ice buildup on your dish antenna which can block your signal! Whether you are looking for a designer cover to simply dress up small residential satellite television or satellite internet dish with your favorite team logo or company brand name, or large cover for a commercial VSAT system, we will have an antenna cover for you!

Don’t let this happen to you…

snow on satellite dish e1393911916723 Satellite Dish Covers

This is a HughesNet Raven .74m Ka Band Satellite Internet dish full of snow!  Of course the service was down, but more importantly, the weight of the snow on a dish could easily create the need for a service call by a technician to re-align the antenna which would cost you $125 + !  Protect your dish and enjoy trouble free service and save $$ with a satellite dish cover or satellite dish heater from Montana Satellite Supply!  Our very own line of MTSAT Satellite Dish Covers are designed specifically to help prevent snow and ice buildup on satellite television and satellite Internet antennas!

We get asked all of the time if our satellite dish covers affect signal quality!  We can answer that easily by saying:  We’ve been selling and installing satellite dish covers for over 15 years! We would be out of business by now if satellite dish covers were not effective at helping reduce snow and ice buildup on your satellite dish! That being said, you will probably not even notice 1 or 2 points of signal loss when you install one of our covers, which is hardly enough to harm your signal as much as it helps maintain the signal!

We also offer satellite dish heaters as well!  Satellite Dish Heaters are usually thermostatically controlled so that they turn on when necessary to prevent snow and ice buildup on the antenna! If you are in an area where you get the type of snow and ice that seems to stick to EVERYTHING, then a satellite dish heater is probably a better solution than a cover!  Check them out here!

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Here are a few of the satellite dish antenna covers that we offer:

MTSAT Heavy Duty Satellite Dish Antenna Covers

mtsat satellite dish antenna covers Satellite Dish Covers

Our MTSAT Satellite Dish Antenna Covers are hand-made in Kalispell, Montana and are designed to help prevent snow and ice buildup on any satellite television dish antenna or satellite Internet dish antenna. And MTSAT covers are made out of a heavy duty vinyl material that is made to last. We offer these covers in a gray material as well as in a slightly heavier duty, more weather resitant black material! You can expect 5 years or more of protection with your MTSAT Satellite Dish Antenna Cover! Our covers are designed for EVERY common satellite television and satellite Internet antenna, from 18″ TV antennas up to 2.4m VSAT Systems. We can create custom covers per your measurements as well! If you don’t know what dish you have, check out our “DISHES” page to view photos and links to the covers and other parts, supplies and accessories for your antenna. Contact us for more information or check out our MTSAT Satellite Dish Antenna Covers in our secure online store!

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Dish Hoodie Universal Satellite Dish Antenna Covers

9820001 300x198 Satellite Dish Covers

Dish Hoodies are a universal flexible satellite dish cover made for antennas from 18″ round up to 34″ x 28″ wide. They are easy to install and designed to help protect your antenna from the elements!
Contact us for more information or check out our selection of Dish Hoodie Universal Satellite Dish Covers in our secure online store!

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DISH SHADES Designer Satellite Dish Antenna Covers

dishshades flag Satellite Dish Covers          dishshades smiley Satellite Dish Covers          snowman thumb Satellite Dish Covers

Dish Shades Designer Satellite Dish Covers can turn your satellite dish into the envy of your entire neighborhood! DishShades™ cover the entire face of the dish to enhance the beauty of the dish and your home. Dish Shades Offers covers for standard 18 – 20″ round, oval and elliptical satellite dishes, and provides protection from the elements while snazzing up that otherwise ugly dish! Featuring NASCAR images and everyday clipart that will surely bring a smile to those passing by! DISH SHADES is no longer producing covers, so orders are processed subject to availability!  Contact us for availability or check out our Dish Shades Covers in our secure online store!

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DishSkinz Designer Satellite Dish Antenna Covers

seahawks2 Satellite Dish Covers        skinz usa 2 Satellite Dish Covers      cowboys2 Satellite Dish Covers

DISHSKINZ covers are designed to add a touch of class to your satellite dish antenna! DISHSKINZ are lightweight designer covers that will also protect your antenna from light snow buildup. Whether you would like a US Flag or on of the NFL Logos, chances are that you will find the DISHSKINZ satellite dish covers that you are looking for! DISHSKINZ covers are usually available for 18″ DirecTV and DISH 300, 20″ DirecTV Phase 3, 23″ DISH 500 and ExpressVu, and DISH Network 1000.2. Contact us for more information or check out our selection of DISHSKINZ Satellite Dish Covers in our secure online store!

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Wedgie Covers Satellite Dish Antenna Covers

wedgie covers Custom Satellite Dish Covers

Wedgie Covers Satellite Dish Covers are “bag style” covers that cover the entire dish!  While we do not offer the Wedgie Covers for resale, we do get requests for these types of covers from time to time. They are great for protecting your antenna from the elements, however in our experience they are not ideal for areas that get heavy snowfall. If you are interested in Wedgie Covers you can find them online at  Please let them know we sent you to them!


Walton Vinyl and Gortex SnowShield Satellite Dish Antenna Covers

walton 4m snowshield cover Satellite Dish Covers

Walton offers satellite dish antenna covers for the larger VSAT antennas. They offer medium duty vinyl cover and a heavy duty gortex cover. Since Walton also offers satellite de-icing equipment and heaters, their covers are available with forced-air heating ducts to allow a forced-air heating system to work with the cover! Walton Antenna Covers are available for most of the VSAT antenna systems on the market from .6m and up to the largest of VSAT antenna systems!  Please note that the pricing for Walton Products in our online store has not been updated in quite some time!  We have been providing quotes for each request since shipping charges and pricing varies greatly depending on the antenna make and model and so on!  Contact us for more information on Walton SnowShield Satellite Dish Antenna Covers or check out some of them that we have listed in our secure online store!

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DISHROCK Virtual Rock Satellite Dish Antenna Covers

dishrocks virtual rock sate Satellite Dish Covers

DISHROCK Virtual Rock Satellite Dish Covers completely disguise your satellite dish as a rock! This is perfect for housing and homeowners associations that limit or restrict satellite dish antenna installations and locations. (By the way, the FCC ruled that all apartments and homeowner associations have to provide a feasible location to install a satellite dish antenna) The satellite signal will go right through the rock so you will experience any signal loss by using these amazing covers! There are a couple different sizes available depending on your antenna. Click here to view our DISHROCK Virtual Rock Satellite Dish Covers in our secure online store!

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Contact us for information on these and other satellite dish antenna covers, or check out our complete line of satellite dish antenna heaters, heating systems, anti-ice and de-icing systems!